Virginia City 3 Day

Activity Length:  2 Day

Location: Reno – Virginia City – Reno

Your two day of off-road excursion will actually start at 6 PM on the day of your arrival with a driver’s orientation and brief instructional video to get you familiar with safe operation of the Baja Challenge race vehicles at one of our premium Reno Resort locations. The orientation will be followed up by dinner and a few cocktails at one of Reno’s prime restaurants before you head off to get some sleep or throw some dice.

Meet your Wide Open guide in the hotel lobby at 5:00pm for a fun and comprehensive Driver’s Orientation after which you will enjoy dinner at one of Reno’s restaurants. Our professional guides will make sure everyone is familiar with our race cars, understands tour procedures and gets properly fitted with safety equipment. Please make sure that you limit your liquid enjoyment and taste of Reno until after the briefing so that you can fully assimilate the important information you will be given.

Once our dinner is complete, we encourage you to relax poolside or venture into town for an evening of Reno’s rockin’ nightlife. Enjoy!

After a group breakfast you will be transported from the resort to the Reno Tahoe Motorplex facilities just 20 miles east of town off of Highway 80. Upon arrival to the park you will receive in car vehicle instructions from one of our professional guides on vehicle operation, communication systems and safety equipment. This will include one on one instruction as well as two laps on our one and a half mile training course with a guide as your co-driver. Next it’s time to put up your safety net, synch down your five point harness, strap on your radio ready, fresh-air supplied race helmet and hit the trails for a full day of adrenalin pumped off-road driving excitement.

The first day will consist of 130 – 140 miles of breathtaking race trails including jumps, whoops, washes and straight a ways on some of the most beautiful terrain in all of North America. The private trails are part of a newly developed 162 square mile off road complex that has been developed to bring true Baja style racing into your own back yard and now you can be part of it.

After a 60 mile jaunt through the course in our top of the line Baja 1000 Champion race cars, we will stop for a Chuck Wagon Style lunch and a review of the race course from 6,000 feet, talk about a bird’s eye view!

After some brief technical driving tips from your guide you are back on the course to the finish up the day with a 50 mile stretch into Virginia City. After checking into the Silverland Inn it is time to hit main street to check out a few of the local saloons, belly up to the bar and throw back a few cold ones. The dinner bell will go off around 7pm at one of the local BBQ joints which are bound to be followed up by a return to the Saloon and a little gambling Wild West style.

Don’t stay out too late; we will be grabbing breakfast at 8AM and back on the trails by 9 the next morning to cover the next 125-130 miles of trail!

After a quick safety review it’s time to hunker down into your BC Racer and give the next section your full attention. This section will include twists, turns, varied terrain and elevation changes as well as some straight-aways that will allow you to stretch your legs out and give her some gas!

After 60 miles we will pull back the reigns for a lunch stop along the trail, this one will be a cold one because we still have 65 miles to cover and the driving just keeps getting better and better, or tougher and tougher depending on how you look at it.

At the finish line the entire team will be welcomed with our traditional cold one and some group shots of everyone with their Baja Challenge cars before we take you back to town. Each of you will go home a race winner with some incredible stories, stronger friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!!!!!!

All Packages Includes:

• Driving a $100K Baja Challenge Race Car
• Meals and Lodging
• Transportation to and from off-road course
• Orientation & Professional Saftey Equipment
• Professional Guides & Support Vehicles
• Chase Crew & Mechanic’s


“First off, these are not some wimpy sand buggy that you might rent at the beach. These are fully Baja capable offroad cars. Tons of suspension, strong motors and full roll cages!” – Alex V.

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 All-Inclusive Package $3195 (Per Person)

        (Group Discounts are Available!)

How old do I have to be to drive?

You must be 18 yrs old with a valid driver’s license and or at least 16 yrs of age with a valid driver’s license and parent/guardian present inside the vehicle with minor.

How fast can I drive?

We ask that you only drive our Baja Challenge vehicles at speeds which are comfortable for you. Our guides tailor each tour to individual clients needs and comfort levels. Yet if you must know, our vehicles have a top speed of 90+ mph.

Do I need experiences?

If you are driving you must have experience with manual transmission. Unfortunately we do not have any vehicle with automatic transmissions. As for the off-road aspect of the trip, our professional guides will teach you all you need to know to conquer Baja.