Frequently Asked Questions

1. WHAT IS THE WEATHER LIKE IN BAJA? For the most part, the weather in Baja North will be very similar to the conditions in Southern California. However, during the winter season (November to March) some areas of high elevation that we may drive through can get very, very cold and wet. Please check weather conditions prior to coming on the trip. Rain gear is recommended during these months. Baja South is known for its mild and beckoning climate during the winter months, from November to March. Generally, day time temperatures tend to hover around 65˚F and 80˚F. However, don’t be mislead, early mornings and late evenings, especially on higher grounds or the Pacific side, you can have some cold moments, and some very wet ones too. We recommend that you bring clothes that you can layer, so that you can shed some layers if the day warms up. We always suggest that you bring a light rain jacket just in case. From March onwards, the temperature generally picks up and will vary from 80˚F to 100˚F, being very dry so make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. 2. WILL I NEED A PASSPORT? Passports are required to enter or re-enter the United States. It is your sole responsibility to have the appropriate documentation for re-entry into the U.S.  We also advise to always have your passport on you. 3. WILL I HAVE CELL PHONE COVERAGE? Cell phone coverage is constantly improving, but we advise you to not count on it. Typically, you will have coverage in Ensenada, San Felipe and San Quintin, although the cell phone coverage in Baja as whole sometimes goes on the blink.  Some overnight stops will have coverage but not Mike’s Sky Ranch. However, when working, you will actually be surprised of some places that you will get coverage. Make sure that you advise your service provider that you are going to be in Baja, as you may need to make some special arrangements prior to your trip In case of emergency, your guide will have a satellite phone.  You are welcome to bring your own satellite phone.  Also, there is internet access at Horsepower Ranch. 4. WHAT HAPPENS IF I DO NOT ARRIVE AT THE TIME DESIGNATED BY WIDE OPEN? We recommend that your flight arrive before 11:30 am. A guide will be waiting with the bus at San Diego International, Terminal 2 by the Lindbergh Statue. The bus will leave promptly at noon. In case your flight is delayed, please contact the Wide Open Excursions office immediately at 949-635-2292 and we will inform the guide. We will try to make other arrangements to get you down to Ensenada, unfortunately there might be additional costs incurred with arranging other transportation. 5. DINERO? You will still need some good old U.S.D. to cover alcohol, souvenirs and gratuities. Mexico still loves dollars, however you will probably get a better exchange rate if you change your dollars at a bank or exchange house. In Mexico, many banks will no longer exchange US dollars cash without depositing into an account. 6. WHAT HAPPENS IF I DAMAGE THE VEHICLE? We offer our guests the opportunity to experience an activity using a $100,000 off road vehicle. We expect guests to treat equipment with respect and care. It is imperative you understand you will be financially responsible for all damages incurred to the vehicle as a result of your miscalculations while driving. If you make an error, your guide will fill out a damage report for you to sign and process. While your guide can create a rough damage estimate, he cannot give you the exact cost as the vehicle will need inspection at our shop at tours completion. Upon returning home you will receive an email invoice directing you on payment methods. 7. CAN I BUY VEHICLE DAMAGE INSURANCE? Most guests do not want to be held responsible for replacing large portions or an entire vehicle in the event of a catastrophic incident. With this in mind Wide Open offers each guest "vehicle damage insurance" included in the price of the tour. The insurance deductible is $3000.00 applicable per incident. 8. ALCOHOL Wide Open provides a complimentary drink at the end of each day of your tour. Clients are responsible for any additional alcohol charges. It is recommended each group elect a member to be the group “banker” in charge of managing bar tabs for the group and collecting money from the group members to pay the bill. 9. IS THE WATER OK TO DRINK? Wide Open provides bottled water.  Ask your guide. 10. SHOULD I TIP? Questions regarding crew tips are commonly raised. As with any service business, while gratuity is not required, it is always greatly appreciated and in most cases well deserved. Our staff members work hard to serve you and make your Wide Open Excursions safe, comfortable, and exciting. A gratuity of $100 per person per driving day (Ex: $300 per 4-day trip) is a good indicator to our staff for a job well done. Please direct all moneys to your guide(s). Guide(s) will distribute to the crew making sure all team members are rewarded for a job well done. 11. WHAT IS THE NERFING/EQUIPMENT ABUSE POLICY? Nerfing, bumping or touching of vehicles for any reason will not be tolerated and will result in your driving privileges being revoked on an immediate basis. Wide Open Excursions reserves the right to refuse service if the equipment is being abused or if the client is endangering himself, others or property.  

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