Symmetry Companies retreat in Cabo | Testimonial


WOW!!!! The Wide-Open Baja Team is a Fantastic group of people, which made a fun filled day an even better Team Building Experience!!

A must do if you are looking for one of a kind Baja experience.  We hosted our annual Symmetry Companies retreat in Cabo this year and we sought out to find a unique Team Building Experience.  Well, the one-day Wide Open Baja excursion from Cabo to Todos Santos exceeded our expectations in terms of service, fun, exhilaration, and creating a stronger bond within our Symmetry Team.  We all had a day we will remember for years to come.  Everything was top-notch, including a wonderful lunch venue just outside Todos Santos overlooking the Pacific Ocean where the Wide-Open Team served a gourmet meal.

These folks at Wide-Open Baja are extremely professional and knowledgeable about the cars, the route, the culture and Baja in general.  Our guides, Darrin and Sergio are two of the most skillful, experienced off-road drivers, and were great fun.  The staff kept us safe at all times but at the same time allowed us to drive to our limit. We were able to talk each other and the guide, via helmet radios.  The driving terrain varied, the cars were phenomenal, and they did not disappoint.  Driving the cars was exhilarating and an overall incredible experience!  

Our group had a great lunch in Todos Santos before returning to Cabo. We can’t say enough about the Wide-Open team and how much we enjoyed the trip but most importantly the Professionalism and Safety the Wide-Open team displayed. If you enjoy off road vehicles, choose Wide-Open. These Baja Cars are absolute machines.  Navigating in these outrageously capable machines through the vast Baja terrain is a wild ride, incredibly fun and challenging. The experience surpassed every possible expectation and we would do it all over again. 

Thank you to all the of the Wide-Open Team for an exciting and memorable day!


Peter Burger

President & Founder

Symmetry Companies

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