2018 Baja 1000

2018 SCORE Baja 1000

8 Baja Challenge Cars Started. 8 Finished



1st in Class 110th Overall.
28 Hours, 39 Minutes.

2nd in Class 117th Overall.
29 Hours, 23 Minutes.

3rd in Class 121st Overall
30 Hours, 18 Minutes

4th in Class 123rd Overall
30 Hours, 22 Minutes

5th in Class 134th Overall
31 Hours, 55 Minutes

6th In Class 139th Overall
32 Hours, 27 Minutes

7th In Class 154th Overall
35 Hours, 41 Minutes

8th In Class 156th Overall
35 Hours, 56 Minutes

A unique opportunity to participate in the most famed off-road races.


Each year since 1997, WIDE OPEN has provided the opportunity for hundreds of amateurs, celebrities and pro drivers to get behind the wheel and into some of the most exciting and challenging off road events ever conceived.

This opportunity is designed to make real racing accessible to those who have a passion for desert racing but, not the time to develop a racing program. This is a turn-key solution that includes everything from high-performance equipment to detailed logistics.

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