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"Wide-open has been the best they really have all the crews are excited to be here and they have just gone to extra lengths to make sure that we are taken care of and safe and having a good time incredibly organized it wouldn't of been the same with anyone else"

Douglas Anderson - 2014 Baja 1000

A unique opportunity to participate in the most famed off-road races.

Each year since 1997, WIDE OPEN has provided the opportunity for hundreds of amateurs, celebrities and pro drivers to get behind the wheel and into some of the most exciting and challenging off road events ever conceived.

This opportunity is designed to make real racing accessible to those who have a passion for desert racing but, not the time to develop a racing program. This is a turn-key solution that includes everything from high-performance equipment to detailed logistics.

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2018 San Felipe 250

2017 Baja 1000

2017 Baja 500
The second longest and the second event on the Score calendar. Michael “speedy” Gonzales determined to chase the class championship raced the only Wide Open car in this event. One car entered and one car finished! Good luck with the Baja 1000 speedy!

2017 San Felipe 250

The first race on the Score calendar for 2017. Wide Open fielded 4 cars for the race, all rookies in this event and new to the wide open cars. 4 cars entered and 4 cars finished this short but grueling race. Wide Open delivers………Again!

2016 Baja 1000

2015 Baja 1000

Team quotes:-

“Amazing dedicated group, you can tell they have been doing this a long time! They can rip apart the car and put it back together in minutes….Very impressive crew!”

“The guys are awesome, absolutely terrific, any little thing with the car they are fixing it! Always smiling and happy. Out there in the desert they don’t just walk around with the parts and tools, they run, they hustle! I just respect the hell out of that.”

2014 Baja 1000

"Just wanted to say that this years 1000 was absolutely pulled off great. (Not because we won, but really a good show). The organization and communication, was stellar. I, being a businessman, would like to tell you where I saw improvement for your program to improve, but honestly, I can’t think of one, even minor, item that could have been added, deleted or done better. Absolutely amazing event and logistics. Thank you again."

Jon Largent - President ICS Service Co, Inc.

2013 Baja 1000 - Monster Energy Race Team Videos

2012 Baja 1000 - The List - Autoweek

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