Activity Length: 5 Full Hours

Total Driving Mileage: Approx 80 Miles

Location: Ensenada Track

Taking a cruise to Ensenada, or traveling south for the weekend? This is a perfect option to fit into any schedule! This adrenaline filled half day off-road driving adventure will pack your tight schedule full of heart pounding action and fun that will not be soon forgotten.

“If you have a bucket list then you need to add a Wide Open’s Baja Experience. What an adrenalin rush. The cars are the real deal, power and performance off the chain.”

– Emily Taflan Rateau


• Transportation from our specific pick up location in downtown Ensenada to our track and a return ride.
• (1) - 60 mile lap on our Baja racing inspired course
• Snack break and driving technique review
• An ice cold cervesa at the end of your adventure.

All Packages Includes:

• Driving a $100K Baja Challenge Race Car
• Orientation & Professional Saftey Equipment
• Professional Guides & Support Crew

$1,320 USD | PER CAR

All vehicles are manual transmission

(Driver & Co-Driver)

How old do I have to be to drive?

You must be 18 yrs old with a valid driver’s license and or at least 16 yrs of age with a valid driver’s license and parent/guardian present inside the vehicle with minor.

How fast can I drive?

We ask that you only drive our Baja Challenge vehicles at speeds which are comfortable for you. Our guides tailor each tour to individual clients needs and comfort levels. Yet if you must know, our vehicles have a top speed of 90+ mph.

Do I need experience?

If you are driving you must have experience with manual transmission. Unfortunately we do not have any vehicle with automatic transmissions. As for the off-road aspect of the trip, our professional guides will teach you all you need to know to conquer Baja.

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