Official Race Results for the 2011 Wide Open Desert Challenge:

Official Race Results for the 2011 Wide Open Desert Challenge:

2 laps on a 35 mile closed course just south of Todos Santos on Sunday October 23, 2011

1st Place went to Ryan Thomas in the / Cash for Gold sponsored Desert Challenge car in 1 hour, 31 minutes and 46 seconds, 2nd Place went to Gus & Tavo Vildosola in the Baja Brewing Company sponsored car in 1 hour, 32 minutes and 6 seconds, 3rd Place went to Roger Norman in the Baja Cantina sponsored car in 1 hour, 32 minutes and 22 seconds and 4th Place went to Erik Harp in the Team Harp car.


The first three finishers in the DC Class came across the finish line within 36 seconds of each other in a 70 mile race, truly an amazing finish to say the least! The finish was so close so that the competitors agreed that a final shootout between the four was in order.


For the 1 lap 35 mile shootout we inverted the starting order in accordance with the finishing order of the first race to help level the field and shake things up.


Norman apparently had the course dialed in after the first two laps and won a very tight race between all four competitors. Norman in 1st Place in 45 minutes and 51 seconds, Team Vildosola in 2nd Place in 46 minutes and 36 seconds, Thomas in 3rd Place in 46 minutes and 59 seconds and Harp in 4th Place in 47 minutes and 45 seconds.


“This is truly competitive off-road racing at its finest, equally prepared cars with matched horsepower and torque bring out the true driving talent of the competitors” said Norman after the race.


Next year the Wide Open Desert Challenge Series arrive and drive program will consist of 5 races in southern Baja with the field limited to 10 cars per race. If you want to be a part of next year’s season you had better get on board soon because we were told that 4 cars are already taken and we are pretty sure you know who they will be driven by!

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