“This is so much fun, I wish I had discovered it when I was younger … like 60!”

Paul Newman – Actor (long time WIDE OPEN client)


“Our guide told us on the first night that ‘our expectations would be exceeded.’ That was an understatement. The food, the scenery, the vehicles, the accommodations, and the leadership all far exceeded our lofty expectations.”

Douglas Bacon – Chicago, IL


“I am a loss for words to describe my experience with WIDE OPEN. Do I start with our group leader, James Degaine, who absolutely did a marvelous job at making me feel at ease behind the wheel of a wonderful car? …Or do I discuss the crew of mechanics that took care of the car when I had a flat or needed my helmet cleaned or who picked up the spare tire that fell off the back of my car when I didn’t notice? …What a thrill behind the wheel.”

Lynda Billa Burke – San Antonio, TX


“We all agreed that this was the kind of trip that memories are made from. We will always look back and remember what a great time we had flying down the dirt roads, over jumps, through ruts and banked corners, with the cactus whizzing by sometimes within inches of the car. We became better friends because of the adventure and it gave us some stories too (and bragging rights).”

Mark Posnick – Director, Workplace Environments Group – Roseville, CA


“I cannot remember the last time I had such an exhilarating experience. It was an absolutely outstanding way to spend time with my son, David, and also associate with a group of guys with whom I experienced much camaraderie and eventual friendship.”

Robert N. Jones, M.D. – Michigan CardioVascular Institute – Saginaw, MI


“We would recommend you and your program to anyone seeking an escape from the ordinary who is also in search of an experience that combines the secluded beauty of this region with the raw excitement of driving these cars at speed through a wilderness terrain.”

Dennis and Kathie Krueger – Tucson Brewing & Trading Co., LLC – Tucson, AZ

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